How to set any song as an alarm on Android

There are very few people in the whole world who feel pleasure while getting up early in the morning But if the alarm clock play,you one of the favourite song. It will make you feel good while your phone will disturb your sleep in the morning.

For this you can set up any of the favourite song of yours as the alarm clock ringtone with the latest and trending mobile phones of Android.

They have made more versatile and flexible and made the customer allow for doing their personal task of their tastes and even the customer for the user of the Android smartphone who can even set the alarm clock for a long time which is always good for the user. You will feel somehow good because the song always in your mind is now playing sweetly in your Android smartphone device.

For this you have to simply follow some steps and you will be able to get any of the song in your playlist as the alarm on your Android smartphone device.

For this you have to select the song, you want your phone to play as an alarm clock tune in the morning.

  • You have to connect your phone in your computer with the help of the USB cable.
  • You have to go to the my computer and you have to open the storage folder of your Android smartphone.
  • you will be able to check your phone under the computer’s disc drive.
  • You can find your favourite song in any format from PC the format should be like MP3 or MP4
  • later you have to copy this song from your computer into the your Android smartphone device internal or phone storage and
  • you have to move that song or you can simply say you have to paste that song in the alarm file when you will able to see or you will be able to get that song in that folder of the alarm file then
  • you can simply disconnect or remove the data cable from the desktop or your laptop.

As you have get your favourite song in your phone then now you have to find your clock application in your Android smartphone and you have to pre installed Desk Clock app or stop clock app as an default for example if you have downloaded the applications for the clock it will be so many options as well as it is developed by developers for Android market of application.

  • you have to check and find the exactly application of clock and then
  • you will able to get the many features in your clocks like stopwatch, alarm and many other features but
  • you have to choose or you can say you have to press the alarm clock symbol so as you will be on the alarm screen
  • As you have opened and alarm screen there will be option of add alarm button for setting up the new alarm in your mobile device
  • you can choose the time you want to wake up in the morning or you have other work in the evening or In noon time that’s according to your wish.
  • you can create alarm according to your wish
  • As you have selected your time for the alarm then as the user will see the bell in the centre of their phone screen you can press that bell for changing the alarm clock tune as set it by default.
  • You have to select your favourite music from the internal storage alarm file then
  • you have to tap on that song and then
  • you have to press ok
  • you will be able to hear your favourite song now as your alarm tone.


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