How to merge duplicate contacts on android.


On a fine busy and hectic day, you are trying to contact someone really important for a work and other genuine matters. But something got on your nerves in no time, what you see that there are multiple number of entries of the same person in your contact list, so what you gonna do now? For obvious reasons you are not going do in these merging manually in any chance! So, all you need is to find some procedure for merging duplicate contacts in no time. In android operating it possible as these contacts are directly linked to your google account. So, it is very easy to merge contacts in no time. what you need is follow some important steps go with.

In this article we will be discussing how to merge duplicate contacts in android, here we will be discussing, easiest step to go with. So just let’s get started.  Before merging all, you have is to check that, have you backup your data on you google account? so you can follow the steps. Backing up is a pretty simple job every android phone does that on regular basis. So, make sure that it is done or not.

  • Go to google contacts from your PC: So, if you have backed up your data on google account you can access these contacts by using your google account, google has recently stared a new service of accessing the contact by going to the web address .


  • Now if you have visited to the giving address all you need is login with the same email address where you have backed up your data.

  • After logging in you will able to see all the contacts of your phone which you have backed up using the provided account.
  • Here you will many options of editing the contact list as per you convinces to have the better accessibility to your contacts, these options are provided at the right side of the interface so, you can choose them accordingly.
  • Now just click on the duplicate among the option provided, for doing the merging of the contact list as per convenience.

  • Now, google will give you the list of the contact which are some how duplicate of each other or are added multiple times in the contact list, this list will have the contacts which are duplicated with the respective contact number.
  • Now all you need to do is to merge all the contact for creating a better view over the accessing of the contacts
  • You can also merge contacts selectively so that you be specified which contact you need to merge and which is not needed to be merged.
  • Now you have successfully merged all the duplicate contacts which were needed to be merged.


How to undo the merging of duplicate contact.

In case you had merged some contacts, which were not needed to be merged and you want to unmerge them back to the same condition all the need is follow these following steps.

    • In case you have merged recently there is always a pop icon comes for undoing you action.
    • In case that action is also being skipped, all have to do is to go to menu on the top left and click on the more of it.
    • There you will find option of the undo changes option just click on that
    • There you will see window asking for the time you till the you want to undo the changes, put the most recent time scale say 1 hour.
    • Now you will again be able to the those contact which were merged.

So here were the steps of merging contacts and unmerging them on your android mobile, hope you have found it helpful and easy, no contact list will never become messy to find. And you will be easily contacting your friends and family.


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